About Pixel Up

pixelUp_U_redPixel Up is composed of visual experts and designers located in San Antonio, Texas who strive to bring your ideas to reality.  We collectively possess over 30 years of experience in design and development.  Our core offerings in web design, software/mobile application development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video, social media, and marketing enable our team to accommodate any of your new media needs.

Our designers and developers take an Agile approach to remain flexible and responsive.  We embrace the creative process and iterate through each phase until your creative vision is a achieved.  You are a part of Pixel Up throughout the duration of your project.  This ideology has proven to increase engagement, exceeded expectations, and a positive and fun working experience.

Our client portfolio speaks to the various industries in which we have supported over the years.  Pixel Up leverages creativity and inspiration for custom, client-specific solutions for each project.  We value customer service and believe that client relationships are the definition of success.  Let Pixel Up take you to the next level of digital media.